GivePower Deploys Solar Water Farms in Kenya and Haiti

(Press Release) GivePower, a non-profit organization that provides solar energy and clean, affordable water to people who need it most, has deployed two of its Solar Water Farms in Mombasa, Kenya, and La Gonâve, Haiti. Powered entirely by solar energy and battery storage, GivePower’s desalination systems are housed in 20 foot shipping containers and capable of transforming 70,000 liters of brackish and/or seawater into clean, healthy drinking water every day.

About Likoni, Kenya

With a population of 50 million, 41 percent of Kenyans rely on unimproved water sources, such as ponds, shallow wells and rivers, while 71 percent of Kenyans use unimproved sanitation solutions. These challenges are especially evident in the rural areas and the urban slums like Likoni, where the average total cost for an unreliable water supply is more than $15 per month per household.  In comparison, the average water bill of a typical household in Nairobi that is connected to a piped system is only $4.46 per month. This comparison highlights the economic burdens that often fall more heavily on unconnected rural customers and urban neighborhoods . Even those areas with piped connections often suffer from an inconsistent flow of water. The struggle for access to affordable, clean, potable water drives many to contaminated sources of water that bring illness and disease to these communities.

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