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Project RISE practitioner report 2019
RISE, 2019

Financing Decentralized Renewable Energy for the Last Mile - Briefing paper
Hivos, 2019

Financing Decentralized Renewable Energy for the Last Mile - what funding sources and instruments can be applied? Discussion paper
Hivos, 2019

The role of renewable energy mini-grids in Kenya’s electricity sector
Ambition to Action, 2019

Africa Energy Outlook
iea, 2019

Gender dynamics and off-grid electricity: Lessons from Tanzania
Ashden, 2019

Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report, January - June 2019
GOGLA, Lighting Global, Efficiency for Access Coalition, 2019

Breakthrough Batteries: Powering the Era of Clean Electrification
Rocky Mountain Institute, 2019

State of the Off-grid Appliance Market report 2019
Efficiency for Access Coalition, 2019

The Global LEAP Awards 2019 Buyer’s Guide for Solar Water Pumps
Global LEAP Awards, 2019

Off-Grid Solar Market Assessment Rwanda
Power Africa, 2019

Off-Grid Solar Market Assessment Tanzania
Power Africa, 2019

Off-Grid Solar Market Assessment Kenya
Power Africa, 2019

Solar Securitization for Rwanda
The Lab, 2019

First Step: How Early Adopters Climb the Solar Energy Ladder
FINCA International, 2019

The Market Opportunity for Productive Use Leveraging Solar Energy (PULSE) in Sub-Saharan Africa (report)
Lighting Global, 2019

SOLAR HOME SYSTEMS Maximum Array Size 1 kWp: System Design Guidelines
The World Bank, 2019

The Dirty Footprint of the Broken Grid: The Impacts of Fossil Fuel Back-up Generators in Developing Countries
International Finance Corporation, 2019

Understanding entrepreneurial ecosystems through social network analysis (SNA): Case Study: Uganda
Swisscontact, 2019

Powering Opportunity in East Africa: Proving Off-Grid Solar is a Power Tool for Change
GOGLA, 2019

The Problem with Problematising Rural Electrification: Policy in Kenya and Rwanda on Rural Electrification through a WPR approach
Lund University, 2019

Productive use of off-grid energy: The business case in Uganda’s dairy value chain
UOMA, 2019

Uganda Solar Energy Association Handbook on Solar Taxation
Uganda Solar Energy Association (USEA), 2019

The Role of Household Consumers in Adopting Renewable Energy Technologies in Kenya
MDPI, 2019

Market Map of off-grid energy in Uganda
UOMA, 2019

Use and Benefits of Solar Water Pumps. Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda Consumer Research
Efficiency for Access & 60 Decibels, 2019

Energy access and off-grid solar use in Uganda
Sida / Schatz Energy Institute / UNCDF, 2019

Closing the Circuit: Fostering end-use demand for rural electrification in Sub-Saharan Africa
Rocky Mountain Institute, 2018

The Uganda national household survey 2016/17
Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), 2018

End-of-Life Management of Batteries in the Off-Grid Solar Sector

Fiscal Policy Analysis: An assessment of the tax and subsidy options to accelerate solar home systems in Uganda
UOMA, 2018

Exploring models to increase consumer awareness: Insights from grassroots pilots with SHS operators
UOMA, 2018

Community energy storage: A responsible innovation towards a sustainable energy system?
Elsevier, 2018

Last Mile Solutions for Low-Income Customers: Lessons learned from efforts to build sustainable rural value chains for essential products and services
Shell Foundation, 2018

Off-Grid Appliance Market Survey: Perceived Demand and Impact Potential of Household, Productive Use and Healthcare Technologies
Efficiency for Access Coalition, 2018

Quality Matters
Lighting Global, 2018

Assessing International Public Finance for Energy in Africa: Where Do Development and Climate Priorities Stand?
Oil Change International, 2018

Reaching unserved populations: Framework for segmentation and strategy planning
UOMA, 2018

Powering Opportunity: The Economic Impact of Off-Grid Solar
GOGLA, 2018

Kenya Solar PV Market Assessment
KCIC, 2018

Think Outside the Grid: Africa’s Trillion Dollar Energy Opportunity
DBL Partners, 2018

Untapped Potential: Household Enterprises in Tanzania
Worldbank, 2018

Filling the Gap of the Missing Middle: Innovative Financing for Small and Growing Climate-Smart Enterprises. Input Paper
SEED, 2018

Rwanda: Off-grid Sector Status Report 2017
EnDev Rwanda, 2018

Creating a 21st Century Utility Grid with DERMS and VPPs
Microgrid Knowledge, 2018

A Design Charrette to Achieve 20¢/kWh by 2020: pre-read document
Rocky Mountain Institute, 2018

Guide to Community Engagement for Power Projects in Kenya
Power Africa, 2018

The afterlives of solar power: Waste and repair off the grid in Kenya
Elsevier, 2018

Battery technology energising off-grid power solutions in East Africa
M-KOPA, 2018

Innovating mobile solutions for refugees in East Africa: Opportunities and barrier to using mobile technology and the internet in Kakuma refugee camp and Nakivale refugee settlement
Samuel Hall, 2018

Results-based Financing for Energy Access. How to design and implement projects: Lessons from the field
GIZ, 2018

Mapping the Ugandan off-grid energy market
Prepared by the Uganda Off-grid Energy Market Accelerator (UOMA), 2018

Off-Grid Industry Yearbook 2018
Sun-Connect News, 2018

Kenya Integrated Household Budget Survey
Kenya National Bureau of Statistics

Experimental Evidence on the Economics of Rural Electrification
Kenneth Lee, Edward Miguel, Catherine Wolfram, 2018

What Can We Learn about Energy Access and Demand from Mobile-Phone Surveys? Nine Findings from Twelve African Countries
Center for Global Development, 2018

Prices, Products and Priorities: Meeting Refugees’ Energy Needs in Burkina Faso and Kenya
Moving Energy Initiative, 2018

Design of a solar energy centre for providing lighting and incomegenerating activities for off-grid rural communities in Kenya
O.M. Roche, R.E. Blanchard, 2017

Lessons learnt note: Grant funding to private sector market leaders as a catalyst of social impact
M-KOPA Labs, 2017

Smallholder farming systems in coastal Kenya: Key trends and innovations for resilience
IIED, 2017

Facts & Figures SOLAR Energy 2017
Solarplaza, 2017

Renewable Energy Market Landscape Study covering 15 countries in Southern and East Africa - Volume II
Danish Energy Management & Esbensen, 2017

Decentralising Climate Finance: Insights from Kenya and Ethiopia
BRACED, 2017

Taking the Pulse: Understanding Energy Access Market Needs in Five High-Impact Countries
Sustainable Energy for All, 2017

Electrifying Africa: how to make Europe’s contribution count
Policy Contribution, 2017

Real-time Monitoring, Control and Payment Technology for Mini-grids: Rwanda Field Test Evaluation Report
Practical Action, 2017

Accelerating Mini-Grid Deployment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons from Tanzania
World Ressource Institute, 2017

Beyond lighting: evaluating The needs of rural communities (in lake zone, Tanzania)
Solaris Offgrid, 2017

Energy Access Situaton report, 2016: Tanzania Mainland
The United Republic of Tanzania, 2017

Microgrid Market Analysis & Investment Opportunities in India, Indonesia and Tanzania
Microgrid Investment Accelerator, 2017

Making mini-grids work: Productive uses of electricity in Tanzania
IIED, 2017

Money is Power: Tracking finance flows for decentralised energy access in Tanzania
IIED, 2017

Improving Access to Electricity through Decentralised Renewable Energy. Policy Analysis from India, Nigeria, Senegal and Uganda
Dalberg, 2017

Report from Uganda: Case Studies of Improved Cookstove Companies
MIT D-Lab, 2017

Market Analysis: Real-time Monitoring, Control and Payment Technologies for Mini-grids in Kenya and Rwanda
Practical Action, 2016

Demand for Off-Grid Solar Electricity: Experimental Evidence from Rwanda
IZA – Institute of Labor Economics, 2016

A First Step up the Energy Ladder? Low Cost Solar Kits and Household’s Welfare in Rural Rwanda
World Bank Group, 2016

Stimulating Pay-As-You-Go Energy Access in Kenya and Tanzania: The Role of Development Finance
World Ressource Institute, 2016)

Remote but productive. Using energy access investments to catalyse enterprises and income in Tanzania’s rural communities
IIED, 2016