COVID-19 Energy Access Industry Barometer


Key findings of the survey

The results of the “Energy Access Industry Barometer” present a picture from 613 companies across 44 countries, that provide energy access through mini-grids, clean cooking solutions, household solar products and appliances.

Actual live market data regarding e.g. demand, turnover, and sales as well as voices from affected companies will give investors, governments, and donors the insights they need to respond to the crisis and develop recovery strategies during the webinar.

From the results, three main findings can be derived:

  1. The energy access sector is in crisis: Progress towards SDG7 and related SDGs at severe risk
  2. Many businesses fear for their survival, large number of jobs at risk – Livelihoods are endangered, economic and social crisis coincide
  3. Access to finance is key – sector needs special vehicles: Particularly short-term grant relief – also new long-term equity/debt & concessional loans

Download Two-page summary of the survey



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