Centenary Bank Launches Electricity Access plan in Uganda

Centenary Bank which was founded by the Catholic Church in Uganda has come up with a campaign dubbed “CenteSolar Loan, Power Connection Loan, and Improved Institutional Cooking Stoves”.

The campaign is aimed at providing short term financing for purchase of solar equipment and electricity installations for residential and commercial premises at affordable interest rates for as low as 15% per annum, going for a period of 5 years with flexible payment installments.

The Manager Housing and Salary Business at Centenary Bank Abdul Kyanika Nsibambi, says they are working with government agencies like Uganda Rural Electrification Agency (REA)  and Uganda Energy Credit Capitalization Company to provide specific Renewable Energy Loan Products to improve people’s livelihood, get access to information and support their day to day living.

Solar power will provide the much-needed light for the rural micro-enterprises and homes hence providing longer hours for business and home activities like studying.

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