Solar-powered Radios Support Remote Learning

UNICEF has delivered more than 10,000 of these solar-powered radio sets with light bulbs to vulnerable households across Kenya, helping at least 40,000 children to access remote learning. The sets have been distributed in areas where radio coverage is excellent, but access to remote learning is low. Textbooks were also distributed to assist with the learning process.

More than 100 sets have been distributed in Kibera informal settlements. “We have quite a number of children who are now able to listen to the radio,” says Sub-County Director of Education Lydia Wangechi Mugeti. “When we gave the households the radios, we also asked them to allow their neighbors to come and listen to the lessons.”

The radios also have other benefits. Most homes in Kibera are not connected to the national electricity grid, so the attached lamp can help children study at home after sunset. Moreover, each set has a USB port and is Bluetooth enabled, meaning households can use it to charge their mobile phones.

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