Mangoo product comparison: Solar water pumps

When it comes to productive use of solar energy, solar water pumps are becoming increasingly important. Thanks to modern, energy-efficient technology, their use is of particular economic interest to small farmers: with solar water pumps, the available water can be used more efficiently and, at the same time, the harvest yield can be significantly increased.

Mangoo Marketplace has compared the three leading pumps in the East African market for you:

Futurepump: SF2 Ennos: Sunlight SunCulture: Rainmaker I 
Power output of: 100WPower output: 375 WPower output: 72W
Comes with a solar panel of 80W which is upgradable to 120WComes with flexible panel configurations: between 100-500W according needs (amount of water, water lift)Comes with a solar panel of 120W which is upgradable to 240 W
Designed with easy maintenance in mindDesigned with minimal maintenanceDesigned with Minimal maintenance
Maximum suction depth of 7mMaximum suction depth of 6m (depending on location)Maximum suction depth of 0m as the pump is submersible
Maximum vertical head of 15m (their sales representative says it is 6m suction and 17m vertical head)Maximum vertical head of 40mMaximum vertical head of 100 m
Delivery rate up to 60 litres per minuteCan deliver up to 45 litres of water per minute in ideal conditions (≅ 20’000 liters) on a sunny day. Depending on the local water requirements (which again depends on the crop type, soil conditions, type of irrigation, weather etc.), this is sufficient to irrigate up to 10’000m2 (1ha).720L/H water delivery rate
Maximum horizontal discharge of 500mMaximum horizontal discharge of 2kmMaximum horizontal discharge of 2km
No damage caused by dry pumpingProtected against dry pumping.


Protected against dry pumping with optional float switch
Tolerant of grid, sand, mud and debrisIs based on a helical rotor pump end. This is the most robust pump head technology available and allows also the pumping of dirty waterTolerant of grid, sand, mud and debris.
Comes with remote monitoring at no extra costRemote monitoring comes at an extra cost
Can also be operated with a battery to extend pumping hoursOperated with a battery for early morning/late evening irrigation, operating during cloudy periods and storing peak mid-day sun
Mangoo Policy signedMangoo Policy signedMangoo Policy not signed
Available in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, UgandaAvailabale in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, UgandaAvailable in Kenya
Download data sheet from Mangoo product websiteDownload data sheet from Mangoo product websiteDownload data sheet from Mangoo product website
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