World Cup fever comes to remote Kenyan villages thanks to local solar mini-grids

Cleaner and affordable energy from the mini-grid is kick-starting social and environmental change in Sidonge, improving local living standards and enabling new services for the community including access to clean water, mobile phone charging, hair cutting and food processing.

Energy 4 impact has been helping both RVE.Sol and several micro enterprises in the village to realise the full economic potential of the new source of power.

The advisory team worked with RVE.Sol to assess and identify ways to increase demand, as a way of improving the economic viability of the mini-grid.

“We helped micro entrepreneurs grow and diversify their businesses by leveraging their newly-acquired access to affordable energy. We offered advice on the most suitable electric appliances and facilitated financing through a Rockefeller-funded working capital facility that enables customers to buy machinery on credit,” explains Diana Kollanyi, Advisory Programme Manager, Energy 4 Impact.

Full article: BIZTech Africa


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