Women matter: Assessing gender inequalities in the offgrid solar energy sector

Women from Liberia and Malavi take a break on a sunday, few dress up for a visit to the market rest are happily packing for their return to Africa as their 6 month solar engineering course is over. Proudly everyone shows us the brand new solar lantern kit that everyone of them wil take home.

Lighting Global, ESMAP, and GOGLA are examining the gender gaps that currently exist within the off-grid solar sector and potential paths to close these gaps.


Women are essential for the off-grid solar (OGS) sector’s ability to fully embrace diversity and inclusivity to achieve universal energy access goals. The industry’s limited gender Inclusion across the customer base, workforce and leadership hinders the sector’s full potential for impact and achieving SDG 7 before 2030.


In this vein, GOGLA and the World Bank Group (with support from the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program – ESMAP) are seeking to better understand the realities and resources that exist across the sector, among consumers, and within the workforce in an effort to promote an inclusive agenda for the sector. The results of this survey will help inform the creation of multiple gender inclusion activities by GOGLA and the World Bank Group-ESMAP. This could include:

  • A professional OGS network for women,
  • A toolkit for practitioners on how to advance gender equalities, and
  • The ability to produce regular, global standards and insights about the sector.


This survey, created by the World Bank Group-ESMAP and GOGLA, examines the gender gaps that currently exist within the OGS sector and avenues to close the gap. The survey explores key topics:
1. Initiatives & products supporting gender equality
2. Workforce  labor & customer base
3. Professional networks
4. Individual/organizational participation


Link to the survey