Why Kenya’s solar and wind farms easily hit grid parity

Kenya, and particularly the northern part, is endowed with strong and steady wind speeds as well as high sunlight intensity all year round. That’s precisely why the 310-megawatt (MW) Lake Turkana wind power plant, the largest in Africa, was located in Marsabit, northern Kenya while the 55 MW Garissa solar station, the largest in east Africa, sits in north eastern Garissa.

Electricity from the Turkana wind farm which started operating last September costs just about Sh9 per unit – in the same range as Kenya’s geothermal and about a third the cost of diesel/heavy fuel oil generators, Kenya’s traditional sources.

Garissa power, which came on stream last November, goes for Sh5.49 per unit – among the world’s lowest and the same level as hydropower, yet another traditional source in the country.

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