AfDB spends money for an absurd power project

Harald Schützeichel

© Mark Agnor | Dreamstime

African Development Bank is struggling to find solutions for energy supply in Africa. Thats a good idea, but unfortunately AfDB is trapped in ideas of 20th century: Big power plants to supply power through a grid. The newest project: The Desert to Power collaboration between the African Development Bank (ADB), the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and the Africa50 investment fund aims to build 10,000 MW of solar projects across the dry, sunny region.

Thats not only an oldfashioned technology, but also absurd for Africa: The grid never can cover Africa’s power needs. It is neither cost efficient nor from technical standpoint meaningful. Its strange that AfDB seemed not be able to see the exciting development of decentralised power supply worldwide. Africa needs technology of 21th century, not useless power supply technology from the past!

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