Uganda: Poor people are the happiest – Lango sub region study reveals

Daily Monitor

A latest study conducted by a Non-Governmental Organisation in four districts in Lango Sub-region has discovered that the poor are the happiest people.

The perceptual study on happiness and wellbeing conducted in Alebtong, Dokolo, Lira and Oyam in January 2018 revealed that communities in Lango sub region are very happy; “they are so satisfied with life but they are very poor.”
Out of the 402 participants interviewed, 86.5 per cent felt satisfied with life, but as the researchers dug deeper into their standard of living, majority of the respondents were actually found to be very poor.

People in Alebtong were found to be the happiest compared to their counterparts in Dokolo, Lira and Oyam. But considering their income levels, they are poorer than their counterparts in the study areas.
The study says that in general, 43 per cent of the people in the study areas were very happy. And only 3 per cent of poor people were unhappy.

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