The placement of the poor in the clean energy matrix

When the discourse of clean energy is propagated, the position and the overall concerns of the poor have never been clearly and effectively factored. As such, the poor always find themselves at the mercy of the highly un-exclusive jargon with little or no relevance to the poor.

n short, the poor are always left behind against the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) discourse, which no one should be left behind.

Inasmuch as the poor people or poor economies would want to make significant transformations from the fossil fuel-based energy to renewable energy, a number of factors militate against this shift.

These are namely poverty, poor energy literacy, lack of voice, illiteracy, and ignorance as well as being overburdened with the ghost of uncleared baggage of debts, both domestic and international.

These debts may emanate from the domestic lenders such as banks and private lending institutions, not forgetting the international monetary institutions like the scaring International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the other related institutions of the same fibre.

Despite having poor structures and sometimes substandard dwellings, the majority of the poor cannot articulate why they need clean energy in the first place, and in the background of dilapidated, unfriendly, demeaning and harsh dwellings.

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