The Green Villages of Rwanda

The first Green Village was launched in Rubaya village in 2011 by the President of Rwanda Paul Kagame. “The Green Village concept was designed to demonstrate how addressing poverty related environmental problems such as soil erosion, inadequate access to water, deforestation and unsustainable land use and clean energy, among others, can help achieve national development goals and priorities,” said Jan Rijpma, International Technical Specialist for the PEI project.

The new village was a smash hit. This integrated approach included a number of environmental and social protections that supported people in the community in earning more money, improving nutrition and food security, protecting local natural resources, sending kids to school, and building a home in a country where despite the immense progress, four out of 10 children are chronically malnourished, around 40 percent of the population still lives in poverty, and new threats from climate change, including droughts, floods and irregular rainfall patterns are putting livelihoods in the crosshairs.

Full story: UNDP



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