The business case in Uganda’s dairy value chain


20-40% of all milk production in Uganda is wasted due to lack of timely cooling. Solar cooling technologies can provide consistent cold storage for areas with no or unreliable energy access, offering significant impact potential.

The central statements of the new report from UOMA:

  • The viability of cooling systems is closely linked to farmers’ distance from a bulking center and total milk yield
  • Cost-savings per capacity of cooling units are directly corelated to the spoilage rate of any given area
  • A number of solar refrigerators exist in the market covering, with varying configurations and economic benefit
  • Both public and private players can leverage a variety of models to introduce off-grid milk cooling technologies to rural dairy farmers
  • Affordability & financing, population density, and after-sales support are paramount to achieving sustainability
  • Standalone systems are well suited for dispersed populations, and mini-grids for densely populated areas
  • Businesses must work to establish long-term relationships to achieve sustainability

Download the full report.



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