Tea factories switch to greener energy to cut costs

A study conducted by Green Africa Foundation estimate that Kenya loses 5.6 million trees daily, despite relentless campaigns on environmental conservation, with about 25 per cent of annual deforestation caused by commercial logging.

The Chelal Tea Factory manager noted that every kilo of tea leaves produced takes up at least Sh10 worth of energy, a cost which is then passed on to consumers. “We acquired a 260-acre piece of land where we have planted eucalyptus trees.

Solar technology is what Chelal Tea Factory is switching to for tea processing. The factory has partnered with Absolicon, a Swedish solar energy solutions company, to pilot solar trough collectors which will generate the heat needed for the boilers. Unlike the flat surfaced solar panels which produce electricity, solar collectors are parabolic in shape which enables concrete sun’s rays to be used in thermal heating.

Full article: Daily Nation



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