Tanzania: Trend Solar pioneers 4G Android PAYGO Solar Package

Leveraging the influence of the mobile phone in Africa, and the latest IoT technologies, Trend Solar provides each user with a solar panel, as well as a 5.0 inch 4G Android Smartphone, the TS-X, combined with inclusive data allowance every month, turning the phone into a modem and enabling communities in rural areas to access the internet.

Trend Solar’s operations started in 2017, by Irfan Mirza and Matt Tam, and the team designs, distributes and finances a range of solar systems from 70Wh systems to 32kWh all-in one battery storage and mini-grid systems, targeted at un-electrified, low-income households. Trend Solar’s recently concluded beta period has seen 500 units sold from its hubs in Dar Es Salaam, Geita and Bagamoyo, and the company will now deploy thousands more systems throughout rural East Africa, as it looks to gain a strategic foothold in the predicted $3.1Bn African off-grid solar market.

Full article: AfricaTech



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