Tanzania chooses energy over the environment

In the Selous Game Reserve in southern Tanzania, construction work has begun in earnest on a controversial hydropower plant. The project has been widely criticized as it involves large-scale destruction of the game reserve which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some experts doubt whether building the dam actually makes sense, not least because people living in remote areas often lack a connection to the electricity grid.

To build the dam, the future flooding area must be freed of all vegetation. That’s an area that far exceeds 1,000 square kilometres. The consequences would be devastating. Along with the dam, roads and settlements would also be created in the reserve area and the whole region would become industrialized. Outside the reserve, downstream, the consequences would also be dramatic. There would be no more floodings as in the past to supply the mangrove swamps in the river delta with sweet water and protect the coast. Fishermen in the delta could suffer if it dried out.

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