Stop Uganda Charcoal Exports to Kenya

Lobby groups in Kenya are calling upon their government to ban logging and charcoal burning permanently and their point to the national government is that it should save the country from the food and water deficiency by imposing a total ban on charcoal burning and logging for they are already concerned that rains have dwindled, water sources and rivers have dried up and famine has become a common occurrence in most parts of the country.

My fear is that already according to statistics, Uganda’s total primary energy consumption matrix is dominated by biomass based energy sources with a share of about 90% used mainly in the traditional form (wood fuel) and charcoal and this is driven by limited access to clean energy in the country leading to loss of about 100,000 hectares. If this pressure is exerted internally and now we are to face it from even external, we are likely to face unprecedented loss of forest cover.

Full article: ChimpReports



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