Solar-Powered Pineapples: A Lifeline for Women Thrown Off Their Land

In rural Kenya, the Waata people were displaced by the creation of a national park. But solar-dried pineapples have offered a lifeline to women who had struggled to make a living from farming in the past.

With the solar dryer increasing production capacity, the women farmers were able to expand beyond the local market and now have a deal providing dried pineapples to the Kenya Fruits Solutions Company, which exports packed processed fruits to overseas markets. The women’s group makes around $914 per week selling dried pineapples to the company.

And their success with the dried fruit has given the women the confidence to demand more for their fresh pineapples, too. Now they can charge up to 50 shillings ($0.50) per pineapple, 10 times as much as they were making before.

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