Solar-powered milk coolers to benefit small scale dairy farmers

KBC Channel

© Vladgalenko | Dreamstime

The solar-powered milk cooling system, is an assembly of a Steca DC refrigerator equipped with an intelligent adaptive controller that converts the refrigerator to a smart ice-maker that operates depending on the availability of solar energy.

“The smart ice-maker has a capacity of 160 liter and can produce up to 13 kilos of ice per day. The systems are supplied with 25, 2kg capacity reusable plastic containers, and two, 30 liter insulated milk cans with removable ice compartment. The system is powered by 600 Watt peak (Wp) solar PV modules and two batteries with a total capacity of around 1.5kWh,” Davis & Shirtliff Group CEO David Gatende explained speaking in Nairobi.

Small scale dairy farmers who produce between 5 liters and 30 liters a day are set to be the greatest beneficiaries of this innovation that has already been piloted in western Kenya- Siaya, Kakamega and Bungoma counties.

Source: KBC Channel


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