Solar energy to facilitate irrigation in Meru

“We decided to support farmers in the village of Ngurdoto after seeing that they needed water to irrigate their plantations, as is the case in several villages in Tanzania,” said Herb Rhée, general manager of the Centre for Innovative Technologies and Energy (ITEC). This institution is the result of cooperation between Tanzania and South Korea and it has just commissioned an irrigation system consisting of a well and a mini solar power plant to pump groundwater.

It is an infrastructure that will benefit the 4,000 people living in Ngurdoto village in Meru District-eastern Tanzania. On the spot, they grow products such as corn, beans, coffee and bananas. Some of the crops are consumed locally and some are exported and agriculture is therefore the main activity in the village. The project to build the solar-powered well was funded by the Korean government.

Full article: Afrik21



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