Rwanda explores use of methane gas for cooking

The Rwandan government is set to commission a study on the possibilities of using methane gas for cooking.  According to the Ministry of Health, more than three million Rwandans suffer from respiratory problems every year, of which 13 per cent is caused by air pollution.

In 2017, deaths linked to poor air quality reached 12,000, the ministry says. Over 9,040 deaths out of 12,000 were due to indoor air pollution and 2,960 due to ambient air pollution, statistics indicate.

Rwanda plans to scale up use of cooking gas through tax incentives. According the Ministry of Infrastructure, the demand for LPG is set to rise to more than 240,000 tonnes by 2024, from the current 10,000 tonnes. Under the action plan, Rwanda also intends to increase the diffusion of improved cook stoves and reach 100 per cent of all households in 2030.

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