Refugees embrace renewable energy

Arrangements to curb the rampant degradation of the environment in refugee settlement camps across the country have been finalised, senior government officials have revealed.

Mr Joseph Agotre, the assistant settlement commandant of Nakivale Refugee Settlement, said the project is meant to support environmental conservation through offering an alternative source of fuel as the population of the refugees increases.

“Refugees depend on the environment for everything yet the amount put in place to replenish what is being destroyed is very slim. A recent research discovered that refugees are using between 2.5kgs to 3kgs of fuel per day and if you calculate, Kyaka II with 100,000 people needs 300,000kgs of wood which is consumed every day but how much are we able to replenish every day?” he said.

He said lack of enough resource allocation to handle the environment remains one of the major challenges faced in the conservation of the environment.

Full article: Daily Monitor



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