Refugees adopt energy- saving stoves to save trees

Daily Monitor

Given the interminable presence of the refugees in the country, conservation organisations in partnership with UNHCR have introduced energy saving stoves made out of clay soil among refugees. The refugees have also been equipped with skills of making the stoves, together with briquettes made out of dust.

Refugees who use the covered design of energy saving stoves say it provides a low rate of heat loss to reduce the amount of wood needed, save more trees from being cut, as wells as lift the burden off women and girls from collecting firewood.

A view of the camps shows wood burning stoves built afront almost every shack with barely any household using the traditional three stones for cooking.

Despite the introduction of the stoves to check deforestation in the region, other activities, especially charcoal burning, brick making and sand mining (which breaks river banks), are ongoing as refugees strive to secure a sustainable source of income and food.

Fully article: Daily Monitor


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