Private investments ‘key to meeting national electrification targets’

Rwanda’s targets of universal electricity access by 2024, as highlighted in the government’s National Strategy Transformation (NST1) can only be achieved if investments in the energy sector by the Private sector are stepped up, experts say.

However, low investments in the energy sector could pose a threat to the target. So far, Rwanda’s electricity access currently stands at 51 per cent from 9 per cent in 2010, of which 38 per cent is on-grid supplied by the government, through Rwanda Energy Group and 13 per cent off-grid power contributed by private investors in the past four years.

To ensure universal access to electricity by 2024, the government aims at supplying electricity to 52 per cent of the total population, using its on-grid power stations, while private off-grid investments are expected to contribute the remaining 48 per cent mainly through solar or mini-grid.

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