Prepare Kenya for the energy change tsunami

The recent government attempt to block the rising shift to solar energy by Kenya Power consumers is worrisome and retrogressive. Instead, the government should be formulating policies to encourage people to use more alternative sources of energy. That is the global trend.

Public policymakers know pretty well that reliable power is key to social-economic progress. In fact, it is the main catalyst of economic development and that is why it is a key pillar in the Vision 2030. To turn around and try to neuter this policy just shows how policy making in Kenya is removed from the implementation of the intention.

It is history repeating itself. The defunct Kenya Post and Telecommunication Corporation vigorously resisted mobile telephony. We all know what happened.

Kenya Power and by extension the government should know the futility of resisting the tide of technology. An energy transition tsunami is coming, and the government should be preparing people for the change.

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