Planned coal plant blackens the mood in Kenya’s idyllic Lamu

In the Lamu archipelago, fishermen ply the channels between lush mangrove forests while life in an ancient Swahili town idles at the pace of the donkeys and boats which are the main means of transport.

Life has changed little over the centuries in this part of Kenya’s north coast, however residents fear their pristine environment will soon be blighted by a coal-fired power station spewing noxious gases.

“I think it is going to be terrible, it is going to destroy a lot of the environment here,” says Thabit Omar Mohamed, 29, as he unwinds his fishing line from a block of wood, skewers a piece of shrimp on the hook, and tosses it into the water.

“We believe so many people are going to have problems with their health like cancer, disease,” he said.

Kenya’s government is planning to build a 981 megawatt coal plant in Kwasasi, about 20km from Lamu town, a UNESCO world heritage site that is the oldest Swahili settlement in Africa.

Full article: ChannelNewsAsia



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