Pico-hydro a new source of energy in Rwanda

Boris Bahire Kabeja

The Government of Rwanda’s (GoR) ‘energy distribution agenda to all citizens’ is still ongoing and various stakeholders are making the 563 MW target happen. The private sector is key during this process and the GoR has put in place a smooth working environment and facilities through EDCL, for instance, back in 2 years ago a largest solar power plant was inaugurated by GigaWatt Rwanda in partnership with the GoR, the latter highly supported the initiative towards its launch, this is a good example to showcase the political will to achieve the energy access target.

Normally, we are used to bigger hydro power plant projects which require a good amount of money to be completed. Currently in Rwanda Pico-hydro power plant projects are being carried out and it is particularly a promising sector of investment to many SMEs or individuals.

Energy 4 impact is playing a key role in supporting numerous renewable energy development initiatives. Boris from Cleanleap interviewed Victor Hakuzumuremyi, Scaling up Off-Grid Energy in Rwanda (SOGER) Program Manager at Energy 4 Impact to get a deeper insight of this new decentralized model of accessing energy at a local level.

Full article: CleanLeap



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