Over 2million Kenyans to access clean energy in State initiative

KOSAP’s model is to provide incentives to solar service providers and sellers of modern cookstoves to set up sales and after sales infrastructure in the targeted counties.

This is response to the market trends, where though the country has a very robust market for standalone solar, majority of the companies shy away from investing in the vast underserved areas, citing logistical and other operational challenges.

The project has disbursed Sh500 million to 20 private companies that are actively selling solar and clean cooking products. Out of these, 10 Solar Service Providers (SSPs) have already received a total of Sh300 million to enable them set up sales infrastructure in 14 counties.

These are Greenlight Planet Kenya, Solibrium Ltd, Solar Integrated Appliances Ltd, Raju Shanga House Ltd, Azuri Technologies Ltd, D. Light Ltd, Livelyhoods Kenya Ltd, Biolite Holdings Ltd, Mobisol Holdings Ltd, and Pawame Ltd.

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