Oil companies opt to pump crude through pipeline using solar

The partners in the oil and gas industry in Uganda intend to supply solar energy to power the East African Crude Oil Pipeline in transporting crude from Hoima in western Uganda to Tanzania’s Tanga Port.

The energy will be used at the six pump stations along the pipeline, two of them located at Kabaale industrial park in Hoima and in Sembabule in Uganda. Pump stations are large industrial facilities that maintain the flow and pressure of oil by receiving oil from the pipeline, re-pressurizing it, and sending it back into the pipeline system.

The solar plants to be part of the project financing decisions is also aimed at reducing the cost on the environment, which would have been higher when using petroleum oil. The pump stations along the pipeline are also considered one of the riskiest stages along the pipeline due to the emission caused by both the product and the kind of energy used.

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