Off-grid solar power comes of age in Kenya

By recognising the key role played by mini-grids and stand-alone solar systems complement to grid densification and extension, KNES highlights the crucial role that decentralised renewable energy solutions play in universal connectivity. With a target of 35,000 connections through 121 mini-grids and 1.96 million connections as stand-alone solar home systems.

This is good news for stakeholders in one of sub-Saharan Africa’s most vibrant off-grid solar markets. According to the Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report: Semi-Annual Sales and Impact Data (January-June 2018) produced by Lighting Global and the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association, 519,154 off-grid solar products were sold in Kenya in the half-year period alone, accounting for 34 per cent of all sales in sub-Saharan Africa.

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