Off-grid communities set to benefit from solar powered rural homes

Providing affordable utilities to off-grid communities in Rwanda is the next priority for BBOXX as it transitions from a from a solar company to a next-generation utility platform that seeks to enable a rural customer to live a healthier, wealthier and more productive life. The development was announced at the launch of Tomorrow’s Rural Home, a vision of a rural home in 2025, powered by BBOXX and select partners.

Located in Nyamata district, the house was showcased to investors, Government officials, partners and guests in a bid to create an integrated solution for rural areas that are affected by lack of access to energy utilities. It is equipped with all essential domestic equipment including, among others, cooking bio-gas, internet and solar irrigation pumps.

Officials from BBOXX noted that off-grid technology shouldn’t be a temporary solution but a more affordable and sustainable solution for rural areas.

Full article: The New Times



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