Nuclear power – is it the right choice for Uganda?

Uganda has been encouraged by some of her partners to consider venturing into nuclear energy production. I would like to take the opposite view. For Uganda in particular, one more point must be raised: the impact on the environment. It is simply incalculable.

In our century, renewable energy has become the first choice for power production. When it comes to energy transition, Uganda, like many other African countries, is in a privileged position. Uganda’s energy mix, already largely based on renewables today, can be developed further without the dirty and dangerous baggage of outdated technologies that many European and North American countries now have to get rid of at high cost. Instead, this country is able to leapfrog nuclear energy and fossil fuels. Alternative technology is available in abundance, and all of it is renewable. Germany has supported Uganda on this path for a number of years already. We stand ready to continue.

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