New initiative to empower women in renewable energy sector

Under the four-year Energy2Equal programme, launched in partnership with the government of Canada, IFC will partner with the private sector to expand women’s access to jobs, leadership positions, and entrepreneurial opportunities in corporate value chains within the renewable energy space.

IFC will partner with up to 15 companies in the renewable energy sector. They will make measurable, time-bound commitments to reduce gender gaps in their businesses. Participating companies in the first peer-learning platform include Baobab+, Bujagali Energy Limited, Elle Solaire, ENGIE PowerCorner, Greenlight Planet, Inyenyeri, Lekela, PEG Africa and Schneider Electric.

To help companies achieve these commitments, the programme will offer a peer-learning platform, advisory services to help companies implement gender smart solutions. The programme will also offer networking opportunities to enhance women’s engagement in the renewable energy sector in sub-Saharan Africa.

More information about Energy2Equal: IFC 



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