WE4F launched new App for Solar-Powered Irrigation

Around 70 percent of global freshwater withdrawals go into agriculture. Sustainable water management is pivotal in order to increase water use efficiency and ensure food and nutrition security. Solar pumps have become an economical, technically and environmentally viable alternative to conventional pumping systems. However, compared to conventional energy systems, the use of solar energy has some specific characteristics, which must be considered when planning a Solar Powered Irrigation System.

The Solar Powered Irrigation (SPIS) Toolbox was designed to address these challenges. The Toolbox provides broad hands-on guidance to end-users, policymakers and financiers so that the risks related to system efficiency, financial viability and the unsustainable use of water resources are minimized.

To make it even more user-friendly, the new SPIS App based on the Toolbox was designed and is now available in English on Google Play Store. The app allows the user to save the data, to view and to edit all previous calculations. This may prove particularly useful in the field without internet connection.

Watch the quick guide

Download the App in Google Play.

Source: Water and Energy for Food (WE4F). Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH



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