Mastercard pilots pay-as-you-go solar equipment in Uganda

Mastercard and M-KOPA are launching a pay-as-you-go pilot to give Ugandans access to expensive solar equipment that can light up their homes and businesses. Rather than paying a hefty cost upfront, users can make a small deposit and take the panels home with an agreement to pay them off over a year.

In this case, Mastercard’s Pay-Go application programming interface (API) connects with the M-KOPA hardware that controls its ability to produce light. M-KOPA customers to top up their solar accounts with credits by scanning a Quick Response (QR) code and use the device as needed.

The pay-as-you-go model can open up access in lot of other areas in addition to solar, namely:

  • Water – Providing clean water directly into homes instead of unsafe, communal system
  • Telecommunications – Bringing internet and mobile networks to remote areas
  • Agriculture – Enabling smallholder farmers to buy farming equipment needed for a sustainable livelihood.
  • Gas Stoves – Replacing the use of unhealthy fuels like charcoal and kerosene with access to modern equipment powered by cleaner alternatives

Source: Finextra


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