Kenyans taking up biofuel as charcoal, kerosene get costly

A bundle of firewood in the country is currently being sold for about 4 dollars while a 90kg bag of charcoal is going for 38 dollars, with prices having more than doubled in the last one year following a ban on logging by the government to protect forests.

On the other hand, the government increased tax on kerosene last year to curb adulteration of diesel and petrol. A liter of kerosene in Kenya is currently going for 1.1 dollars, a rise from 0.80 dollars before the taxes were slapped on the fuel.

Similarly, the lowest-priced liquid petroleum gas cylinder goes for 10 dollars, making it a little costlier for low income earners. The circumstances in the cooking energy sector in Kenya have, therefore, provided a gap that biofuel service providers are moving in to fill.


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