Kenyan Startups Increasing Access To Clean Water In Africa

In order to understand the solutions startups founders have or need to come up with, there’s a need to understand some of the root causes of the water shortage problem. For one, many of the freshwater bodies in Africa are contaminated with no treatment facilities. Many Africans also depend on surface water instead of ground water which is generally cleaner, easier to purify and can be restored when used up.

Another facet of the problem is that water is far away from where people need them. In some parts of Sub-saharan Africa, people have to travel for about 30 mins – 1 hour in order to get water. Many of these people are women and girls and sometimes they use contaminated containers to transport water. Since they are unable to measure the quality of water, they end up consuming groundwater that has faecal contamination from dirty containers and bad latrines.

In Kenya, there are also a number of startups attempting to help more people get access to clean water.

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