Kenyan e-mobility startup Ecobodaa secures funding round

Kenya Ecobodaa, which is working to roll out electric motorbike taxis, has raised a round of funding from Persistent Energy Capital to help it grow.

Founded in 2020 by Kim Chepkoit and Steve Juma, Ecobodaa aims to provide more affordable, safer, connected and environmentally-friendly means of transportation for commuters in African cities, and works on a rent-to-own model so that its riders can eventually own the electric powered motorcycles.

The startup, which was last year selected for the Nairobi-based Africa Transformative Mobility Accelerator, has now raised a round of funding from Persistent Energy Capital, which aside from cash also has a venture-building approach that includes technical and financial advisory support. Ecobodaa will use the investment to quicken its rate of growth.

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