Kenya: Offer alternatives in power sector

Kenya Power is an antiquity in many global ways, and one of them is in its sole supplier monopoly status. You don’t see that much in the world of 2018, not many countries still have that. And there’s a reason. Think of those telcos again, all competing like crazy, all offering a cheaper data package, lower cost voice time, better customer service – ‘come to me, dear customer, I’m better: better value, better services’. They run to out-satisfy over the competitor or they lose customers.

But Kenya Power can’t lose customers: electricity buyers have nowhere else to go – although, frankly, ever more are stashing in solar panels, or mini-hydro, or some other way to escape. But that takes capital, not just signing on with a better competitor. Yet, hidden in this little tale of monopolistic travesty is a private sector back route in at least the fintech space.

So now we just need our private sector to offer us some alternative electricity too, cheaper prices, fewer power cuts, better customer service – you know, that stuff that wins customers. But at least we can buy some electricity now.

Full article: Business Daily


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