Kenya has highest access to electricity in East Africa: WB Research

Capital Business

According to The Energy Progress Report covering the period up to 2016, electricity access rate in Kenya stood at 56 percent, compared to Tanzania at 32.8 percent, Rwanda at 29.37 percent, Uganda at 26.7 percent and Burundi at 7.5 percent.

Kenya has been listed among countries where much gains were made in ensuring that more citizens access electricity for lighting, cooking and driving businesses.

“Some of the strongest gains were made in Kenya, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Tanzania, which all increased their electricity access rate by 3 percent or more annually between 2010 and 2016. Sub-Saharan Africa’s electrification deficit has begun to fall in absolute terms for the first time. Tens of millions of people now have access to electricity through solar home systems or connected to mini-grids,” reads the Energy Progress Report.

Source: Capital Business


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