Kenya Climate Ventures invests in Sunken Limited

Kenya Climate Ventures led by CEO Victor Ndiege signed a financial agreement with Bungoma-based company Onja Uone Limited and Turkana-based Sunken Limited to help them unlock their growth and innovation potential in the agricultural and clean energy sectors respectively.

Sunken Limited on the other hand started green energy operations in 2002. They have a production capacity in Kakuma and are looking forward to tapping into the huge market of Turkana County and spreading their wings to some parts of Uganda and South Sudan with more energy-efficient cookstoves.

“There is no path to protecting the climate without dramatically changing how we produce and use electricity. Through this award, we look forward to accelerating the use of green energy solutions in Turkana county by tapping into the huge market and partnering with more institutions to urgently harness climate-driven responses to help deliver climate-smart solutions,” Sunken Limited CEO Christine Atego says.

Source: Kenya Climate Ventures (KCV)



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