Inside Bboxx Rwanda’s modern and affordable cooking experience

Bboxx Rwanda last week unveiled a new initiative that will tackle the issue of air pollution and environmental degradation, and at the same time, cut the time and hardships one endures to prepare a meal.

Bboxx has become the first company to integrate pay-as-you-go solar energy services with pay-as-you-go cooking solutions.

This is a new innovation in the country where one can get a gas cylinder for only Rwf 13,500 as down payment, and also pay Rwf 9, 000 for six subsequent months in order to own the cooker permanently. If you already have a cooker, you only pay for the gas cylinder and just keep refilling it.

With the pay-as-you-go cooking solutions, one purchases the gas cylinder and the company is responsible for delivery, with installation free of charge for the client. Also, one is able to buy any amount of gas, for as little as Rwf 500, using Mobile Money. In case the gas is about to get used up, Bboxx is notified and replenishment is made immediately.

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