In Kenya’s Rural Health Clinics, Business Performance and Renewables Go Hand-in-Hand

World Resources Institute

Picture: Stiftung Solarenergie

Joyce Onyino runs a six-room private health clinic in western Kenya’s Vihiga county, mainly providing medical services to women and children. Her clinic is connected to the grid, but power outages occur frequently. She’s had to close it numerous times and even deliver babies in the dark.

So when Population Services Kenya asked Onyino about procuring a rooftop solar system in 2016, she agreed. Onyino’s clinic is one of 23 in the Tunza Family Health Network that installed renewable energy with help from Population Services Kenya, which works with clinics to improve their clinical and business operations. The clinics now have consistent access to electricity from solar and battery backup systems. And with the renewable energy and support from Population Services Kenya, they have also improved their business performance.

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