Ignite Power is a winner of the AFSIA 2021 Solar Awards

Ignite Power is pleased to announce that it is a winner of the Africa Solar Industry Association (AFSIA) 2021 Solar Awards in the category of Solar Home Systems (SHS) Company of The Year. The Awards were organized in partnership with the Africa Energy Forum and were celebrated live and online on November 16. The Jury, encompassing leading industry professionals worldwide, carefully reviewed and evaluated approximately 200 applications to identify the most impactful companies in the African solar sector.

Ignite Power has been operating throughout the Sub Saharan region since 2014, with current operations in 5 different countries. The company has already impacted more than 1.8 million people with life-enabling, solar-based solutions, including solar home systems (SHS), solar irrigation systems, clean cooking stoves, home appliances, and more. It has also created more than 3,500 job opportunities in its countries of operation and saves hundreds of thousands of GreenHouse Gas emissions every year.

“We are extremely honored and proud to receive this recognition from our peers in the industry and prestigious experts across the value chain,” says Yariv Cohen, Ignite Power CEO. “The past few years have proved the importance of off-grid solar home systems, presenting the most powerful tool for fast, scalable electrification across Africa’s rural areas.”

Across Africa, more than 700 million people are currently living without electricity access. These numbers are now on the rise due to massive population growth rates and the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 80% of those without access reside in rural, last-mile communities, where grid connections are unavailable. Off-grid solar systems began circulating the continent in the past decade, with solar home systems (SHS) leading the list. Being extremely affordable, easy to use, and can be deployed anywhere, SHS presents the perfect solution for last-mile electrification, answering the needs of remote communities most sustainably and affordably.

“As we expand our operations throughout Africa, every solar home system installed has a meaningful, deep impact,” says Cohen. “We are on a mission to create an impact on a continental scale, and this type of recognition will help us to expand our impact even further, and reach millions more in the near future.”

Since it began operations, Ignite Power has deployed Home Solar Systems and Solar Irrigation Systems in deep-rural communities across the sub-Saharan region. Through inclusive PAYGO payment schemes, the company currently provides its customers with the most affordable solar solutions in the continent, reaching as little as $1USD a month.

“We, at AFSIA, were thrilled to see such a tough competition this year. We received about 200 applications showing how competitive and qualitative the solar market is in Africa”, Said John van Zuylen, CEO of AFSIA. “The international Jury of this 2nd edition of AFSIA Solar Awards has witnessed real accomplishments and a very high level of professionalism. We are very confident the African continent will be the place for exceptional growth for the solar industry.”