Ignite and Tele10 Group announce a strategic collaboration, providing businesses with solar-TV packages on a PAYGO model

The solar home systems supplier Ignite Power has just completed its merger with Tele10, a distributor of pay TV channels. Through this partnership, Ignite Power is diversifying its offer in rural areas in Africa south of the Sahara.

Since establishing operations in Rwanda in 2016, Ignite Power has become one of the leading provider of designed-for-solar solutions in the country. After lowering prices from $15 to $6, $3, and recently $1 per month for a basic Solar Home System, Ignite is now aiming to do the same for the solar-based TV market, making it more accessible for millions of customers.

Under the new collaboration, Ignite will target businesses in off-grid, underserved areas, providing customers with an A-Z solution that includes designed-for-solar TV, solar panels, and full access to Tele 10’s broadcasts and content, all in the most sustainable and affordable manner. The system and services will be available in all of Ignite’s markets throughout Africa, including the DRC, through additional partnerships.

Source: Ignite Power



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