How use of solar power has enabled pyrethrum farmer to reap big returns

It is mid-morning as an eerie silence envelops the hilly village of Kiambogo in Nakuru County. A part from the cool breeze which occasionally competes with the sweltering heat in Gerald Nyamweya’s pyrethrum farm, it is impossible to miss the undulating view of the Mau Forest.

While most farmers in the village shifted focus to dairy and horticultural farming, which they considered profitable, Nyamweya stuck to pyrethrum farming and still with it.

Nyamweya, 56, has been growing pyrethrum for the last two decades and over time has seen the pyrethrum sector go through a roller-coaster. “Most farmers in this village used to grow pyrethrum in large quantities. Those days I could use the statements from Pyrethrum Board of Kenya to pay school fees for my children,” recalls Nyamweya while pointing to an abandoned building that used to be a pyrethrum collection point in Kiambogo.

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