How ‘green schools’ can impact quality of education

The New Times

The greening programme aims to o measure and reduce school’s “large ecological footprint”, while making the school environment healthier for students and staff, and getting the community thinking about solutions to the environmental problems, according the Environment Minister Vincent Biruta.

“With solar system, water harvesting tanks and hundreds of trees planted around this school, climate change impacts has been dealt with sustainably. This will also more certainly improve education experience for these children,” Bugesera District Mayor, Richard Mutabazi, said.

Alphonse Musabyima, a Science Teacher acknowledges that it was a challenge teaching students computer lessons before the installation of solar-powered electricity around the school: “It was really difficult trying to demonstrate how a computer works when you don’t have it working. This made computer lessons rather imaginary. But things have changed from the time solar panels were installed. Kids are able to start computers and learn a few functions in detail.”

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