How A Ugandan Solution Prevents Electricity Theft in Liberia

Electricity theft causes financial losses and disrupts access to power for homes and businesses. The Liberia Electricity Corporation has said that it is losing around US$35 million annually to power theft. The issue has reached the attention the President of Liberia, George M. Weah, who responded with a draft bill to the 54th Legislature asking them to make power theft a crime of the 2nd degree, punishable by multi-year jail sentences.

However, as with most laws in Liberia, they are easier passed than enforced.

A solution was found in Uganda: Ugandan electrical engineer Edmand Aijuka’s Kamata Online Protection System notifies power utilities when meters are manipulated or tampered with. It cuts the power supply to the affected area only, and sends the location, meter number and type of interference to a control centre. It also lets the control centre restore power remotely after incidents are resolved.

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