How A Frustrating Airport Blackout Might Just Inspire A Solar Revolution In Rural Tanzania

It began with yet another visit to the airport; something that had become routine by now. Awuor was hoping to catch a flight at an airport in Tanzania back in 2014 but while waiting at the terminal, something terrible happened. The entire airport lost power completely. The facility was plunged into darkness as the blackout happened after dusk. For Awuor, it was a combination of precarious, embarrassing, and frustrating.

Awuor opted to abandon his corporate career path in favour of a foray into entrepreneurship forged around delivering affordable solar power to just about anyone. Today, he has the run of the place at Cellulike; a Pay-As-You-Go solar distribution company that procures and installs solar home systems in off-grid communities for customers who pay daily, weekly or monthly under fixed-term credit.

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